s​/​t LP 12"

by Modern Saints

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released May 10, 2014

recorded @ tonmeisterei, oldenburg
recorded by falk
mixed & mastered by role
synthesizer by tobi / falk



all rights reserved


Modern Saints Bielefeld, Germany

Modern Saints is a 3 piece from Bielefeld dedicated to lo-fi / post-punk in the vein of JAWBREAKER / THE THERMALS. The band formed in 2013 and shortly afterwards released their self titled debut 12″ (Coffeebreath and Heartache, Shield Recordings / Hectic Society), followed by a split 7" with Boston's DAN WEBB AND THE SPIDERS (Gunner) and a self-titled EP in 2016 (Fond of Life / Shield / Hectic). ... more

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Track Name: Poor Standards
My heart’s gonna get up and leave one day. All I can do is complain. Or maybe it's for good, I can still feel a pulse. I’m not too sure about yours. So what if I criticise all the time. Maybe you should too. When you roll your eyes, I know it won’t be for the same reasons that I do. Shallow minds and cheap talk as far as these two eyes can see. I'm only waiting to place my I told you so's. There’s plenty to ruin my sleep. So what if I comment on all the bad news at once. Our future’s so bright, I can’t even see. Well, maybe I'm just turning blind. How do you get by on such poor standards.
Track Name: If You Need A Reminder
If you need a reminder, my friend. There’s a heart in your chest, and it might still be beating. If you don’t forget, it just might keep your legs moving tomorrow. If you need a reason these days to rethink your ways, I’d say you’ve got it right there. Grab your heart. It's all you need. And if that’s easier said than done, I’d say you’re right, but you’ll never know unless you’ve tried. How far these bodies go, no one can tell. We’re spending all our prescious time in prison cells. So well, what’s the use in this anyway. We should just live our lives today. There's still hope. We could start tomorrow.
Track Name: The Rest Will Follow
Is it hard for you to grasp in the shadows of your mind, the irony that's dragging you through each day of your life. And is it hard for you to find flaws to what you confide in. What just does it take to get you off your seat. Is it way too much to ask, too demanding not to act so stunningly indifferent to the world outside your realm. Is it inadequate to question all these things you take for granted. Preacher, state and law, it’s crooks and thieves that you rely on. They call, the rest will follow.
Track Name: I'm A Sceptic
I think the more that I see the more this view just seems to narrow down. I'm more a sceptic than I used to be, and I don't think it's getting better. They'll keep their blinders on. Safe in their habit. They've never given much of a thought. I think the older I get the more I feel like I'm just never gonna grow up. Not in a suit and tie way. Not in a way that drives my days into some pale and ordinary grey. I’m sure not gonna let my resentments go to waste. They keep me from from becoming a hopeless case like them. I’d rather spend my time framing my complaints. But there’s no hope for the hopeless, you know.
Track Name: Modern Crooks
You can bury these bones wherever you like, man. Honestly, I don't care. Our ancestors rot in the dirt, you figure safe ways into heaven. We can't possibly figure all of this out in the short span of our lives. But there's truths you take for granted, let me tell you it's all just plain lies. All these modern saints, they sell you a cheap promise to save your soul. And they get you every time. Yeah, you hang on their lips like an addict, you've learned to repeat like a parrot. Modern crooks. Man, they get you every time. How some things never change, I wonder how you relate. Modern crooks. Man, they get you every time.
Track Name: Poison You, Poison Me
Get a hold on the days we let slip through our hands. Life’s too short to save your golden days, they just won't wait. Who knows when time is coming after my bones. It’s less a threat if you’re aware that all things move toward their end. They might just fall asleep for the rest of their days. It’s crazy how they plan their lives out carefully. I can trace them all over town. It’s the ball and chain they drag that’s giving them away. They poison you, they poison me, they’re contagious.
Track Name: In The Clouds
I'm no friends with your saints and their blinding lights. Inerrant to you, they’re soothing your soul like a drug. Endlessly, they'll keep your head in the clouds. You know, they’re keeping secrets. Well, it’s better if you just dont ask. How long would it take for your best saints to forgive all those sins. They just keep piling up on your faithful ways. Whatever makes you keep your head in the clouds. It can't be more than make believe. It's comfort at best. You rain down your spirit on all the lost souls. Just don’t rain down your spirit on me.
Track Name: Down The River
Don’t let the weight of the world wear you down. They’ll always find an excuse for all their crimes. We’ll watch them float down the river with a smile. That’s how they live, and that’s just how they’ll die. Talk is cheap, and I guess that’s why the greatest liars of them all will be tomorrow’s kings. Are we the only ones to see through. Everyone just seems to go with the flow. I don’t know, have they ever done a thing for you. I never liked what they stand for. I know we can do without their fucked up self righteous ways.
Track Name: Diamonds
Hold on to whatever you can grab. There’s not too much substance around these days. Whatever they think they need, it's nothing of value to me. The currencies you measure your wealth in are constantly losing their worth. I guess I just can’t connect to the merits of this hopeless age. Hold on to whatever you can find. Value the things they cannot buy. You see, they’re all fools. I'd like to think that we don't belong. Everyone is chasing useless shit. I don't think I have to keep up with that. All your diamonds will gravel like stone. The currencies you measure your wealth in are constantly losing their worth.
Track Name: Holy Ghosts
I was born with a handful of hints to figure out, and everyone claims they found the answers to it all. But there’s no prayer that’ll keep you from being dragged away. Our lives are so damn prescious, and redundant after all. Both feet on solid ground, there’s no great mystery to figure out. I've come to terms with blind faith and holy ghosts. There's things I can do without. The sun will rise, and the sun will set. Life will come, and life will pass. In the end it’s what you make of what you’re given. We're not here to stay, that’s one thing i know.